Painless Hair Removal Treatment
ZAP has been a pioneer in hair-removal since 2009 and is known for a painless process, offering a completely safe, quick and different technique using advanced technology that is very popular in many countries around the world. The technology used by ZAP has received international certifications such as the FDA and CE and is handled by doctors and professional therapists.

The distinguishing trait here is, of course, its permanent results. The treatment is completely painless and very comfortable.

Basically, ZAP gets rid of the roots of the hair, preventing future growth. In some cases, more than one visit might be needed for permanent results. ZAP offers a number of other treatments for the body, form the face to the legs, and provides other beauty treatments such as Photo Facial and Face Rejuvenation. ZAP also offers its own beauty products from suncreen to underarm brightening cream. With ZAP, it is time to say goodbye to unwanted hair and start flaunting your glowing skin!

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